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ගුණාත්මක Aquascaping භාණ්ඩ සාදාරණ මිලට, මිලදී ගැනීමට ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ ප්‍රමුඛතම Aquascaping භාණ්ඩ අලෙවිකරු වන අපගේ Online Store එක වෙත පිවිසෙන්න. (දිවයින පුරා බෙදා හැරීම් පහසුකම් ඇත)

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Aquatic Masterpieces Tailored for You: Unveiling Our Custom Tank Service.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of bespoke aquariums with our Custom Tank Service. From envisioning unique designs to seamless installation and meticulous maintenance, we bring your aquatic dreams to life.

අද්විතීය ටැංකි මෝස්තර නිර්මාණය කිරීමේ සිට ස්ථාපනය කිරීම සහ නඩත්තු කිරීම දක්වා, අපි ඔබේ Aquatic සිහින ජීවමාන කරන්නෙමු.

Tank Design

Embark on a journey of design brilliance. Our experts work closely with you to conceptualize and craft a custom tank that not only meets but exceeds your aquatic aspirations.

Tank Installation

Experience seamless transitions from dream to reality. Our skilled team ensures that your custom tank is installed with precision, transforming your space into a mesmerizing aquatic haven.

Tank Maintenance

Sustain the beauty of your aquatic masterpiece with our tank maintenance expertise. From water quality to overall health, we provide diligent care, ensuring your tank remains a stunning focal point.

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Safry redmiSafry redmi
11:10 03 Dec 23
Started aqua scape with VAqua.. reasonable price..
Colourcode AdvertisingColourcode Advertising
07:45 29 Nov 23
Supper place to your dream aquarium♥️
LiVi Aqua PlantsLiVi Aqua Plants
15:06 27 Aug 23
All aquarium keepers and aquascapers must vist this superb place, great collection & superb coustomer services 👍
As an avid aquascaping enthusiast, I have explored various shops in Sri Lanka, but V Aqua stands out as the ultimate destination for all aquascaping needs. This shop offers an extensive range of top-notch aquascaping tools, tanks, and equipment that cater to both beginners and experienced hobbyists.The first thing that struck me upon entering V Aqua was the welcoming and knowledgeable staff. They were genuinely passionate about aquascaping and were eager to share their expertise, making the shopping experience enjoyable and informative. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, their team is more than willing to guide you in choosing the right tools and equipment for your specific needs.Now, let's talk about the products. V Aqua boasts an impressive selection of aquascaping tools, ranging from tweezers, scissors, and plant maintenance tools. These tools are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring precision and durability during use. As someone who pays great attention to detail, I was delighted to find that their tools were well-designed and perfectly suited for delicate aquascaping work.In terms of tanks and equipment, V Aqua has an array of choices that cater to various budgets and sizes. Whether you're looking for a nano tank for a small space or a larger, more elaborate aquarium, they have it all. The tanks are made from quality glass or acrylic, ensuring clarity and durability, and they offer a diverse range of styles, including rimless and modern designs that beautifully complement any home or office environment.Furthermore, V Aqua provides a comprehensive range of filtration systems, lighting options, CO2 setups, and fertilizers to create and maintain a healthy aquatic environment for your plants and fish. This shop truly covers all the bases to help you set up and maintain a stunning aquascape.Besides their excellent product offerings, V Aqua also hosts workshops and events to promote the art of aquascaping in Sri Lanka. These events are a great opportunity to learn from experienced aquascapers, exchange ideas with fellow hobbyists, and further enhance your skills.In conclusion, V Aqua is, without a doubt, the best aquascaping shop in Sri Lanka. With their top-quality tools, tanks, and equipment, as well as their knowledgeable and friendly staff, they provide everything you need to create and maintain a breathtaking aquatic masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, V Aqua is the go-to destination for all your aquascaping needs. Highly recommended!😍😍😍👍👍👍👌👌👌
madhawa manukularathnamadhawa manukularathna
12:09 23 Apr 23
Can consider as the head quartos of aqua scaping item shops. Good friendly service. Best price in the market.
Roshel DilshanRoshel Dilshan
18:11 11 Apr 23
A must visit spot for planted tank enthusiasts. Share knowledge without hesitationTank update after 50 days..75P Rimless tank & all accessories from here..
K.W.K IsuruK.W.K Isuru
14:30 14 Mar 23
Excellent customer service and superb quality products. 💯 guarantee for the best quality aquarium items. Purchased 60P tank, stand and other related items week ago and 💯 satisfied with the quality. Thank you V Aqua for the superb job.
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