Anubias Barteri-Medium Size

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Anubias Barteri
5.5 – 7
22 – 30C
0.25W per litre
7 – 30cm

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The Anubias Barteri is an undemanding plant that will thrive is most conditions. It is a slow grower and the leaves will last for many years.
Like all Anubias, A.Barteri should not be planted in the substrate with the rhizome buried, the plant will deteriorate. Similar to Java Fern, the rhizome should be affixed to wood or rock, best achieved using black cotton thread, fish line or super glue. The roots will establish themselves onto the wood over the coming weeks.

Lighting demands are low, great for all your low tech tanks! All species in the genus have dark green, thick and usually broad leaves. This plant is a good choice for “difficult” situations. It prefers low light and does very well even when shaded by other plants. Suitable in CO2 and none CO2 tanks.

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